Personalised Products

Timeless and refined, our cutlery collections are regularly updated to keep in step with our ever changing, modern lifestyle.

Wooden handles in snakewood, ebony, boxwood, rosewood or olive wood. Silversmith quality silver plated, 18/10 stainless steel, fine gold plated...
Knife blades made in special cutlery grade stainless steel, with silver plated finishings...
Each piece which leaves our workshop is unique and has been assembled and polished by hand.

We believe that a knife, fork or spoon should not simply be a beautiful object. We want them to be functional as well as aesthetic. We use the most modern and innovative techniques to guarantee every day use, adapted to the repeated and aggressive washing received in dishwashers.

We can respond to any personalised requests and designs. We can make a creation in your image, unique and with near-infinite personalisation.

Please contact us and we will make for you the model of your dreams!